Traditional economic indicators don't tell us the whole story about the social wellbeing of our communities

Inequality in the Hunter Region (March 2018)

2016 Wellbeing Watch: A monitor of happiness in the Hunter (Sept 2016)

Our wellbeing project was developed in 2006 and is unique in regional Australia. It builds upon our long-standing economic research programs with the aim of assessing the quality of life in the Hunter, explaining trends in how people live and providing an understanding of the influences on wellbeing and how regional wellbeing can be improved.

The 2016 survey, the fifth in the Wellbeing Watch program, focussed on assessing the impact of the Hunter’s economic transition on the wellbeing of its residents. It also calculate the latest Hunter Wellbeing Index, based on international research and corresponding to other wellbeing measures, such as The Australian Unity Wellbeing Index.

Research focusses on: Measuring Wellbeing, Education and Employment, Housing, Income and Finances, Financial Stress, and Neighbourhood and Community.

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