Tuesday, 30 June, 2015


The debate around housing affordability has been raging both online and in the media this month, with Treasurer Joe Hockey’s blunt advice to first home buyers and the flared tempers that ensued. As a result, the affordability of Sydney housing has come under close scrutiny and the outlook is daunting but what is the situation in the Hunter Region?

There’s one piece of HRF research that certainly has the ability to make the housing trends in our Region clear; the Residential Market Outlook. The research series, first released in June 2009, provides reliable analysis of the regional property market. It examines trends in the residential market, including sales, issues in the rental market and patterns relevant to housing construction and land development.

As the HRF YOUnite project showed, the youth unemployment rate in the Hunter sits at a dismal 20 per cent and a range of barriers are making it difficult for young people to get a “good job that pays good money.”

To give first home buyers a chance to assess the affordability of their area before buying, the series also includes the HRF First Home Buyer Affordability Index. The index measures the relationship between repayment capacity of First Home Buyers (FHB) and mortgage repayment requirements based on median house prices.

This year we seek to re-ignite this valuable piece of research to provide our Region with more insight into our own residential market. Contact us to discuss the opportunity to sponsor the sought-after FHB index.

Download a free copy of the past Residential Market Outlook, last conducted in June 2013.

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