Economic systems provide the foundation for the structure and rhythm of societies globally

Beyond the movement of goods and services, economics provides decision-makers with critical tools to determine where public and private investment is needed for their communities to prosper so that they can support key areas such as health care, education, infrastructure, energy and resources, and more.

The Hunter Research Foundation kept its finger on the economic pulse of the local region for six decades. Forged during both good and challenging times, the Foundation developed a strong bond with community, government and industry partners, which delivered a rich understanding and insight into the region’s economic and social fabric.

Our Hunter Region Economic Indicators and Upper Hunter Region Economic Indicators capture the nation’s economic trends and the Hunter region’s performance across key areas including: labour force, demographics, housing, consumer confidence and business performance. These insights provide clarity for smart and innovative decision-making in challenging times.

Many of the indicators are based on data collected from regular surveys of households and businesses through our Hunter Pulse surveys.

Attracting hundreds of key business people and decision-makers, our Economic Breakfast series is the region’s main event for business intelligence and networking and features the release of our regular economic insights.

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