Providing rigorous, independent research and analysis that is readily understood and clear in its implications.

Across the region and across the globe, communities face major challenges as they navigate the shift from traditional industries, such as resources and manufacturing, to globally-positioned, knowledge-based economies.

The city of Newcastle and the Hunter region are examples of such a transition. They are looking to grow and attract new business, to undertake real economic and social transformation.

The Hunter Research Foundation (HRF) Centre helps to support such transitions by informing industry, government and the community with a sound base of socio-economic evidence.

Current research programs
  • Economic Indicators Our flagship research program dates back to the 1980s provides unique economic insights for the Hunter and Upper Hunter regions and is released at six business events throughout the year
  • Future of Jobs Examines the major drivers of changing economic and workforce structure in the Hunter
  • Business Innovation A detailed assessment of current challenges and needs in the innovation, start-up and commercialisation space in the Hunter
  • Wellbeing Watch  Conducted since 2006, the project assesses the quality of life in the Hunter, explains trends in how people live, provides an understanding of the influences on wellbeing and how regional wellbeing can be improved.
  • ICT and Digital Technology An annual check-in of Hunter and Upper Hunter businesses and households, their technology uptake, plus significant changes and opportunities offered by the digital economy.

Our research program is made possible through the generosity of our valued partners. Access the findings of past research projects