Friday, 6 November, 2015


A substantial upswing in Hunter householders’ confidence in the June quarter this year has not been sustained, with confidence dropping back in the September quarter, according to Hunter Research Foundation’s (HRF) latest Hunter Economic Indicators.

HRF economist and author of the Indicators, Anthea Bill, said that on balance, Hunter households expectations regarding their personal finances remained positive in the HRF’s September HUNTERPulse survey.

“However, the share of households who expect their financial circumstances to deteriorate has risen,” Anthea said. “Short-term and long-term measures of consumer confidence also fell in the last quarter.”

Long-term business confidence in the regional economy also dropped, which may be partly due to global economic factors, including the slowdown in the Chinese economy. The cooling local housing market and disappointing national economic growth rates may also be contributing.

HRF will release the full Hunter Economic Indicators at its Hunter Economic Breakfast at Wests New Lambton tomorrow morning, as well as the results of its Future of Hunter Professional Services research project, which explored the barriers to growth in our important professional services sector.

St George Chief Economist Hans Kunnen will also speak at the breakfast to report on the likely effects of current global economic storms on the national and regional economies.

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