Wednesday, 10 June, 2020

SallyAnn web

SallyAnn specialises in strategy, governance, policy development and organisational change. She has extensive experience in the design and implementation of initiatives across a range of public and private sectors and her approach is underpinned by visioning, critical and systems thinking and high levels of engagement. SallyAnn uses highly participative techniques to build social capital to create sustainable, resilient organisations and communities.

Many of her projects and social research use strong qualitative and quantitative analysis and aim to improve policy, strategy and governance outcomes across systems whilst building leadership capacity.

Most recently, SallyAnn was a Director at the Good Governance Institute, a UK public sector consultancy and research institute which works in partnership with national government, local authorities, housing associations, the National Health Service and universities. She is co-authored Modern governance in the public sector and was investigating the most productive ways for citizens to contribute to the future of the public sector and the implications of activist, active and passive citizens in the future of governance. This research has a strong place-based focus and examined the role public participation can play in local decision making.

Much of SallyAnn’s work in Australia was conducted at the University of Technology Institute for Public Policy and Governance and involved regional and remote strategic service delivery (in regional NSW, northern Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia) where she worked collaboratively with a range of state and local governments to improve infrastructure, disability, education and economic outcomes for communities. She also evaluated a range of public and private environmental sustainability initiatives, some of which required detailed scenario planning, alternative financial models and socio-economic analysis.

Her most valuable contributions to place-making have been the National Disability Insurance Agency’s How local governments can increase the social and economic participation of people with disability, the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Building social cohesion in our communities – An online resource for local government and the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government’s Service Delivery Review: A how to manual for local government.

SallyAnn has a Master of Geography from the University of Oxford and a Master of Sustainable Management with Distinction from the University of Sydney. She is also a Chartered Accountant, is a member of the Finance & Governance Committee at the Australian Himalayan Foundation and is a past trustee of and Chair of the Community Consultative Committee at the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust in Sydney.