Collaboration delivering transformation

The University of Newcastle’s Hunter Research Foundation (HRF) Centre addresses key local, regional and global challenges, positioning regions as the drivers of future prosperity. 

The longstanding HRF moved to the University in January 2017, forging a partnership between the highly respected, independent research organisation and Newcastle’s world-class university - ranked in the top 1% of universities world-wide.

Historically, the HRF Centre's research provided a sound base of socio-economic evidence to support the Hunter region, and this has only strengthened since 2017. 

The HRF Centre highly values its collaborations, engaging closely with partners in government, industry, the community and within the University to set the strategic regional change agenda, driven by regional needs. 

The Centre's transdisciplinary program across the social sciences delivers large-scale regional impact through targeted research and policy-influencing initiatives for regions locally, nationally and internationally. 

The Centre also undertakes contract research for industry, governments and not for profits across economics, strategic planning, social policy, social research and evaluation, service delivery, and community engagement.

Building on a strong 60-year legacy, the HRF Centre has a reputation for rigorous, independent research and analysis, which builds economic and social strength in cities and regions.