Thursday, 13 July, 2017


The Faculty of Business and Law and the Hunter Research Foundation Centre are now firmly located in the centre of the business community. We have moved this month to the NeW Space building on the corner of Hunter and Auckland Streets.

Professor Tony Travaglione, Pro Vice-Chancellor for the Faculty of Business and Law, sees significant opportunities. University of Newcastle researchers and students can work more closely with business, industry, not-for-profit and government organisations.

“The University’s new CBD campus provides an exceptional space for Business and Law academics and students and the Hunter Research Foundation Centre. We can work closely with a range of stakeholders to develop business research projects. There is also a greater chance to develop student employment opportunities and partnerships, which can actively contribute to the economic and social development of Newcastle and the Hunter.”

If you would like to tour this amazing new facility, please send us an e-mail expressing your interest. Indicate what times of day might suit you. We will schedule a tour and let you know. You will get to see meeting rooms with a great view of the harbour (available to outside organisations), new high-tech classrooms, and the open plan offices where the academics now work.

Find out more about NeW Space.