Monday, 20 November, 2017


I recently completed an eight-day work experience placement at the HRF Centre. I wanted to expand on the knowledge I had gained as part of a Certificate IV in Business qualification I am undertaking at TAFE NSW.

The TAFE qualification has a strong focus on marketing and the research that goes in to plan and complete projects. I felt that work experience with the HRF Centre would complement my learning.

I was asked to complete research to inform an upcoming HRF Centre project. While I mostly worked alone, the Centre staff regularly checked in on me. They helped me feel comfortable and a valued part of the team. My research taught me how much is involved in starting a new project at a business scale.

I was also given several other tasks to complete, which gave me a better idea of the way a business runs day-to-day. I felt that I was contributing to the development and growth of the HRF Centre. I participated in planning meetings, checked that figures and data used in documentation were correct, provided advice on advertisement design, and analysed social media and website statistics.

My work experience with the HRF Centre was positive. I learned a lot more than I was expecting to in a short work placement and thoroughly enjoyed working with the HRF Centre. I believe that HFR Centre and TAFE NSW benefit from providing work experience opportunities to business or research-based students.

I will apply my new skills and knowledge while completing my studies and in my subsequent career. I hope to work in accounting, running my own business and helping other small businesses to start up and thrive.

Jessica Heemskerk completed her work experience at HRF Centre in November

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