Wednesday, 13 December, 2017


At our last Newcastle economic breakfast we asked for feedback on our quarterly economic indicators research program and the data captured in our presentations.

Thank you for the input, those 83 of you who completed our survey at the last breakfast assessing which Pulse Survey data you value and how often you want the surveys conducted. The response appears to be that you want it all, and you appreciate having it surveyed quarterly.

We appreciate the moral support for the HRF’s work historically in gathering and analysing this data. However, financial constraints dictate some economising. The Centre expends a significant portion of its budget on the survey element alone, not even counting the analysis.

We have consulted with knowledgeable local figures in the business arena on where to pare back. They have identified areas where quarterly surveys could be replaced by twice-yearly surveys due to the time horizon of business decisions.

HRF Centre staff in the new year will compare charts of historical data at quarterly, twice-yearly, and annual increments to determine the extent to which inferences from the data might differ. For example, would a look at consumer confidence each quarter differ from data points on consumer confidence in March and August only? We will also evaluate national data sources to assess where they parallel – or reflect in a predictable way (e.g., higher or lower) – historical data for the Hunter.

We will keep you in the loop on this assessment. We welcome specific input that could assist our decision. Thank you again for the survey feedback. Congratulations to the winner of our complimentary table in 2018, Lachlan Page from Mullane Lindsay.

To provide additional feedback, contact the HRF Centre.