Wednesday, 10 May, 2017


The NSW Government has released an Upper Hunter Economic Diversification Project Action Plan – prepared by the Government’s Hunter Regional Leadership Executive – that sets renewed priorities for encouraging new business and employment opportunities and sustainable regional transition for the region.

The NSW Government has partnered with local government and industry to examine the future of the Upper Hunter region (see map) over the next 20-25 years. The Plan establishes a new framework to encourage sustainable economic transition objectives, through planning built on partnerships with regional stakeholders that interweaves diversification priorities into regional land use planning.

The Plan:

guides priorities for the NSW Government’s commitment to promote sustainable economic transition for the Hunter region;

focuses on transitions impacting the local government areas of Dungog, Muswellbrook, Singleton and Upper Hunter, considering links to the Hunter region as a whole and surrounding regions; and

works within the implementation framework established by the Department of Planning and Environment for the Hunter Regional Plan 2036 and delivers on the Government commitment in that plan to develop the Upper Hunter Economic Diversification Project report.

Read the Upper Hunter Economic Diversification Project Action Plan

Download pdf (1.08 MB