Thursday, 25 June, 2015

HRF was commissioned to conduct a research program including both objective and subjective measures of wellbeing to allow The City of Newcastle (CofN) to ensure that that they are able to effectively plan services and initiatives that will have positive impacts on interaction within communities, and which may also assist residents to live richer and more fulfilled lives. Another important imperative for this research is the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework (IPR) in NSW which requires clear progress indicators to service the various plans.

In 2012, HRF produced the second report in this series, based on a selection of data generated from the HRF Wellbeing Survey. The previous edition was based on data collected in previous waves of the Wellbeing Survey. The information contained in the second edition of the Wellbeing of Newcastle Residents Report was similar to the earlier editions in offering comparison of changes over time for the variables of interest.

“The research makes a valuable contribution to understanding community trends over time and links well to the social determinants of health. Local government needs to develop a better understanding of our role in contributing to wellbeing outcomes.”


The City of Newcastle

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